50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers, And Other Freelancers

Do you maintain a blog for your freelance business? Are you a freelance writer, blogger, or someone who writes regularly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you. From organization, to finding ideas, to doing the research -- there are dozens of free resources that can help you write better. In this post, we've found 50 that we think will be valuable to you. Here are 50 … [Read more...]

2008-05-25 – Sunday Links Folder

Hello fellow freelancers, hope you're having a great week-end and don't have too much stuff left on your to-do list! I read some very nice posts this week, and of course I'd like to share them with you :) Here we go: Steven from Vandelay Design put together a list of 50 designers to follow on Twitter (I'm on the list!). Thanks Steven! Our very own Bob Younce wrote a killer post on Freelance Switch … [Read more...]

2008-03-30 Sunday Links Folder

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great week-end and you don't have too much work to do. As usual, on week-ends I like to compile a list of interesting articles I've read during the week that I think you'll find interesting. I'm sure you'll find some good stuff in there. :) Here we go: 13 Ways to Move Big Files on the Web Social Media Starter Moves for Freelancers 8 Easily Avoidable Causes of … [Read more...]

2008-03-23 Sunday Links Folder

Hi folks, how was your week? I hope you were able to meet all your deadlines and there's not too much left on your to do list. I read many great articles this week that I'd like to share with you. Please take a minute to read these posts, I'm sure you'll find them interesting. But before we get to the list, Steve Mullen of StartUp BizCast is having a contest with some very cool prizes like: A coupon … [Read more...]

2008-03-16 Sunday Links Folder

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great week-end and are taking some time off to relax and recharge. I thought I'd write a new 'links folder' post because it's been 3 weeks since the last one. :) Cory Miller, who runs the Premium WordPress themes store, iThemes, is giving a 25% discount on all WP theme purchases, just enter the discount code 'FREELANCE' and voila! (the prices are already very reasonable … [Read more...]

2008-02-23 – Saturday Links Folder + Sproutwire Just Launched

Hey everyone, how was your week? I hope you had a very productive one and met all your deadlines! As usual I've read a lot of great posts this week that I'd like to share with you. But before that, I would like to introduce you to SproutWire, a brand new (and really slick) website that Shane and Peter just launched. It's in beta right now, but of course I got an invite code (thanks Shane!) Just click the banner … [Read more...]

2008-02-17 – Sunday Links Folder And Some News

Hey everyone, I hope you had a really productive week! It's time for another 'links folder' post, please take a minute to read these posts. You never know, you might learn a thing or two. oDesk and the oConomy Talking about learning something new, the folks at oDesk recently launched the oConomy, which gives data from the oDesk network on hourly wages, jobs, certification tests, etc... It summarizes trends … [Read more...]

2008-02-09 Saturday Links Folder

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week, a very productive week :) Take a minute to check out these posts, I found them very interesting and thought I'd share them with you. Never know you might learn a thing or two. Here we go: Creating The Perfect Portfolio Putting Together A Portable Office That You Can Take With You Anywhere You Go Freelancers: Track your time 3 Reasons the Internet is … [Read more...]

2008-01-27 – Sunday Links Folder

I hope you had a great week, met all your deadlines and got time for some more reading :) As usual on week-end I like to share blog posts and articles I read during the week that caught my attention, I hope you'll enjoy them. Before we move on to the list I just want to let you know that Freelance Folder will soon have a CSS gallery section. It's on its way, you can drop me a line using the contact form if … [Read more...]