What You Can Really Expect As a Freelancer When You Travel and Work

One of the wonderful things about freelancing is that a freelancing job is mobile. It doesn't matter where you happen to be when you work, as long as you meet your deadlines and produce high quality work. This flexibility of location has led to a new breed of freelancer--the location independent professional. These are freelancers who combine a love for travel with their freelancing careers. But, becoming … [Read more...]

How I Kept My Freelance Business Intact During Relocation

I recently moved across the United States from Florida back to our home in California. In preparing for the move, I had several concerns about my freelance business and how it would be impacted. In this post, I will share my experience, some of the issues I faced and how I handled them in the hopes that this will help other freelancers who are concerned about moving. This post should be of interest to anyone … [Read more...]

Give Yourself a Raise

Congratulations! You are a freelancer. You have taken your own drive, your own talent, and your own skills and forged a path that doesn't require you to put on a monkey suit and go into the office every day to build someone else's asset. Well done. Now its time to kick it up a notch and start running your freelance business at maximum efficiency. So I am going to let you in on a huge secret that … [Read more...]