7 Warning Signs That You Are About to Lose a Client

Long-term clients are great for a freelancer's bottom line. There's nothing quite like knowing that you have a six-month or even a year contract for the foreseeable future. It should come as no surprise, then, that losing a long-term client can be traumatic for a freelancer and devastating to a freelancing business. Losing a client that you were counting on for regular work can take many of us from feast to … [Read more...]

Find Yourself a Freelancer’s Sugar Daddy (or Two)

By definition, Sugar Daddy is a slang term that refers to a rich, usually older person who offers money or gifts to a less rich, usually younger person in return for companionship or favors. Obviously, I'm not encouraging you to find someone to give you money for favors. I am suggesting a way to maintain a steady flow of work is to connect yourself with at least one, if not more, clients who will pay you … [Read more...]

The Care and Keeping of Long-Term Clients

Basically, there are two kinds of clients that a freelancer can have: One-time clients--Clients who need your services a single time Long-term clients--Clients who return frequently to use more of your services Both types of clients are important for a successful freelancing business. Long-term clients can offer you many benefits that one-time clients cannot. In this post, we'll focus on long-term … [Read more...]