How Much Time Should I Devote to Freelancing?

Probably one of the questions that I get asked most often is "How much time will I need to spend on my freelancing business to succeed?" The answer depends. I know freelancers who spend far more time on their freelancing business than any employer would ask of an employee. I also know freelancers who earn a good living working part-time hours. In this post, we'll discuss the amount of time that … [Read more...]

How to Fit Freelancing Into the Rest of Your Life

Freelancing is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. You've probably heard that statement before, and in a sense, it's true. But lifestyle or not, one of the biggest struggles that freelancers face is balancing work and life. This is ironic, because the search for work/life balance is one of the primary motivators that drives many to freelancing. Is work/life balance really possible? The answer is … [Read more...]

Using Zen Practices to Increase Your Organization & Productivity

There comes a time in every freelancer's business that they realize the sad truth--that we spend more time answering emails, talking on the phone, sending estimates and invoices and doing generally everything but what we actually went into business for. I hate, absolutely hate, the management part of projects and of business in general. If I had my way, projects would beam down from the sky on to my desk with … [Read more...]

How to Keep Working at Home from Destroying Your Life

[tweetmeme]One of the main reasons I became a full-time freelancer was the freedom I thought it would give me in creating my own hours and working at home. It’s the dream, right? Sleep late, work in your pajamas, shave far less often, and decide when you are or are not going to be busy. Anyone who has taken on this “dream” quickly realizes that it’s not that simple. Client meetings and deadlines, the … [Read more...]