Jonathan Kay on Getting Referrals and Freelance Marketing

Do you like to market your freelancing business? If you're like many freelancers, your answer to that question is probably "no." Many freelancers dislike the marketing tasks associated with freelancing. That's one reason why we're presenting this interview with Jonathan Kay. You see, marketing is Jonathan's job--and he's good at it. Very good. Jonathan's official title is the Ambassador of Buzz at … [Read more...]

6 Great Ways to Use Email Marketing to Find More Work

The revolution of telecommuting has created an entire new breed of worker: the techno-freelancer. If you're a computer-enabled pro that falls under this umbrella (and who doesn't nowadays) you're no doubt familiar with the challenge of finding new opportunities, making decent money, and standing out in an ocean of your freelancer peers. But even though social media and blogging are reliable and cheap … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Do You Promote Your Freelancing Business?

Here on Freelance Folder we share a lot of posts on how to market your freelancing business. We've discussed making cold calls, building relationships, and using social media. There's no doubt that marketing is vital to freelancing success. Without marketing, there are no clients--and we all need clients to survive. Right? But, every single freelancer handles the marketing task differently. You probably … [Read more...]

15 Brilliant Tips to Help You Earn More

I often hear freelancers say they'd love to earn more money. They want more clients. More passive income. More revenues. And frankly, who doesn't want more money? The more money we have, the more we can have what we want from life, whether that means more free time, more cool gadgets, a better houseā€¦ you name it! Earning more money isn't always that easy, though, and sometimes it seems like freelancers … [Read more...]

28 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Marketing Message Across

Marketing--it brings us new clients and helps to keep our freelancing business afloat. Yet, many freelancers are uncomfortable about marketing their business. There are actually many easy and painless steps that you can take to get your marketing message across. The best marketing tactics are often those that you don't have to remember to apply. In this post, we'll summarize some of these easy marketing … [Read more...]