10 Steps to the Perfect Client Meeting

You've scheduled your very first client meeting and now you're nervous. Will the meeting go well? Of course, there's no way to know for sure if your meeting will succeed, but there are some steps you can take to stack the odds in your favor. In this post, I share ten (fairly) easy steps to help you prepare for the perfect client (or prospective client) meeting. … [Read more...]

How and Why to Build an Online Presence

The seemingly infinite influence of the internet makes it possible for any freelancer to reach their audience more effectively. Size matters not when it comes to online marketing, but effort does, which means freelancers have just as much online marketing potential as do other companies. When well thought out and carefully implemented, a strong online presence gives freelancers an opportunity to tap into a … [Read more...]

30 of the Best Online Marketing Resources for Freelance Designers & Others

Online marketing is an essential part of any business. It is as important as brochure and postcard printing, as television commercials, and as face-to-face networking. Most business owners know that within the realm of print marketing are a vast number of tricks, resources, and options to learn. The same is true of online marketing. With everything available for freelancers from banner ads to Google … [Read more...]

Jonathan Kay on Getting Referrals and Freelance Marketing

Do you like to market your freelancing business? If you're like many freelancers, your answer to that question is probably "no." Many freelancers dislike the marketing tasks associated with freelancing. That's one reason why we're presenting this interview with Jonathan Kay. You see, marketing is Jonathan's job--and he's good at it. Very good. Jonathan's official title is the Ambassador of Buzz at … [Read more...]

Why Freelancers Need a Brand and How to Create One

We all know that large and small businesses alike benefit from great branding. Freelancers, on the other hand, may overlook this effective marketing strategy. The truth is, however, that as a freelancer branding is just as important as it is for traditional businesses. Yet, many freelancers don't realize how important this vital marketing tool really is. Without branding, your freelancing efforts may … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Do You Promote Your Freelancing Business?

Here on Freelance Folder we share a lot of posts on how to market your freelancing business. We've discussed making cold calls, building relationships, and using social media. There's no doubt that marketing is vital to freelancing success. Without marketing, there are no clients--and we all need clients to survive. Right? But, every single freelancer handles the marketing task differently. You probably … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Get Your Name in Front of Prospective Clients

The most difficult part about starting out as a freelancer is finding work. If you've ever spent an entire day applying for advertised freelance gigs, you will probably relate to this post. A key component of getting clients for your freelancing business is to get your name out there. You can be the very best freelancer in your chosen profession, but if no one has ever heard of you or your freelancing … [Read more...]

Coming Soon from FreelanceFolder:
The Client Machine

[tweetmeme] Over a year ago we released The Unlimited Freelancer, a book that helped thousands of people transform their freelance business into something bigger and better. In the months after that we released several getting started guides to help brand new freelancers take their first steps into freelancing.  Now, after months of hard work, we're going to help freelancers tackle the most important … [Read more...]

Is the Title “Freelancer” a Turn-Off?

I have read a number of articles, blog posts and even comments here at Freelance Folder that suggest anyone who works under the title "freelancer" may be short-changing themselves. The idea is that the title has negative or substandard connotations that go along with it, and opponents recommend using some other type of terminology to define oneself in an effort to avoid any negative stereotypes that might be … [Read more...]

How Chilled Is the Branding for Your Freelance Business?

Freelancers typically struggle with branding. They think great charisma and good skills with a nice, zen-white site are all they need in the ocean of competition out there. And sometimes, that works. Charm and skills goes a long way in business. But to think that this is all it takes, especially in an online environment... well, you'd be wrong. Branding goes a long, long way in the great big world of … [Read more...]