Manage Your Time Effectively Using the “Four List” Method

Some people hate them, other people love them. Software companies have even created apps to make keeping them easier. I'm talking about To Do lists, of course. When used properly, they can really help you to manage your time. Freelancers are busy people. There's no doubt about it. Discussions of time management are always among the most popular topics here at Freelance Folder. That's why today I'm going to … [Read more...]

All About Deadlines

Probably nothing else in the freelancing experience creates as much stress as deadlines. If a freelancer tells you they are up against a deadline, then you know that it's time to back off and give them some space so that they can get your work done. We all have deadlines, but we rarely talk about them. Yet, there's quite a lot to talk about. In this post, we'll look at deadlines from various angles … [Read more...]