Where Is the Best Place for Freelancers to Work, Really?

One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you can work from anywhere, but should you? You may have visions of dragging your laptop or mobile device to the beach with you and happily working on your projects while enjoying the sea view. But the truth is that for many freelancers, the beach is a less than ideal work location. As a freelancer, I've tried working from many different locations over the … [Read more...]

18 Plus Free Mobile Apps for Freelancers

Freelancing and mobile technology means that you're not tied to a desk any longer. You can work from virtually anywhere if you have the right mobile tools. So, go ahead. Take that trip you've been planning. Stay away from home that extra day. Your freelance business doesn't have to suffer when you are gone. In this post, I'll share 18 great tools for mobile freelancers that also happen to be free. I'll … [Read more...]

What You Can Really Expect As a Freelancer When You Travel and Work

One of the wonderful things about freelancing is that a freelancing job is mobile. It doesn't matter where you happen to be when you work, as long as you meet your deadlines and produce high quality work. This flexibility of location has led to a new breed of freelancer--the location independent professional. These are freelancers who combine a love for travel with their freelancing careers. But, becoming … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Freelancing on Track While on the Road

If you're like me, you don't want to separate work and travel. As a freelancer, you don't really have to either. As long as you can find an Internet connection, you can get your work done. Recently, I took a trip and was also able to get some work done from my tablet. While the trip wasn't a permanent switch to a location independent life, I learned quite a lot. In this post, I'll share what I learned about … [Read more...]

15 Amazing iPad Apps

With the arrival of the iPad 2, you may be looking at incorporating an iPad into your arsenal of freelancing tools. If you're considering an iPad 2 for your freelancing business, who could blame you? This newest generation of the iPad has received an awful lot of news coverage lately. But is an iPad worth it as a freelancing tool? Of course, depending on their own business needs, every freelancer will … [Read more...]

15 Tips to Keep Your Freelance Business Going While on Vacation

Vacations represent all that's good and bad about being a freelancer. On the one hand, you're free to go away whenever you like, without asking the permission of a reluctant boss or desperately trying to squeeze a short break into the few days left of your allowance. On the other hand, you're never completely free of your professional responsibilities, even when you're on the other side of the world. To avoid … [Read more...]

Use Geolocation Services to Promote Your Freelance Business

Geolocation is a hot topic in technology circles these days. Twitter has already added geotagging capability to tweets and Facebook plans to release a new location-based feature in late April. Google introduced Latitude in 2009, giving us all the ability to share our exact location with our friends at any given moment. Foursquare, Gowalla, and other location-based social networks are attracting new users at a … [Read more...]