Freelancer Road Trip: Essential Supplies

One of my freelancing resolutions is the separation of work time and vacation time. I know this is one of my problem areas, but I do feel the need to work on a pretty constant basis in order to hit client deadlines. When the opportunity came up to head on a 15-hour road trip to the beach, I took it… with the caveat that I'd be working on the trip down and sporadically while at the beach. I loaded up my bag … [Read more...]

The Basics of Freelancing on the Go

Are you a mobile freelancer? If you're trying to live the freelance dream, chances are that you answered "yes" to the previous question, or are at least thinking about it. The old stereotype of the freelancer who works alone in his or her home office is changing. The image is being replaced by a newer, more mobile freelancer. In this post we examine the growing trend of "freelancing on the go" and the … [Read more...]