6 Easy Ways Freelancers Can Save Money

Managing your money and expenses is usually just a matter of prioritizing and keeping track of things for most of us who are full time freelancers. Freelancing is not a 'paycheck every two weeks' type of job. When you get a fixed income every month, it's easier to plan things and manage your expenses. That's not the case with freelancing where you can make get $50 today and a thousand next week from different … [Read more...]

7 Common Misconceptions About Web-Working And Earning A Living Online

The thought of earning a living online does indeed seem quite appealing to more than a few folks and, just as with anything else which is that popular, there are a lot of misconceptions which you need to be aware of and here are 7 of the most common ones: Earning A Living Online is a Piece of Cake A lot of people seem to think that publishing a website is all there is to making money online but, fortunately … [Read more...]

What To Do With Dirty Money

There are times when taking people's money – even for a job you worked hard on – just doesn't feel right. Some clients get a break because they needed help and you wanted to be generous or kind, but sometimes… …sometimes a client wants to give you money and it just feels dirty. You almost want to give the money back. "No, keep it. Thanks. No charge" you might say. You just want the project – and the client … [Read more...]

3 Uncomfortable Ways To Make More Money As A Freelancer

If you really want to make a lot more money as a freelancer, you don't have to drive yourself crazy working an enormous number of extra hours. Nor do you have to struggle to bag an A-list client who is willing to pay the rates you've dreamed of charging. No, if you want to make more than you're making right now (from the circumstances you're in right now), you can take these three "uncomfortable" strategies … [Read more...]

Business Finance Posts – Top 100 From Bootstrapper

There are tons of articles on the net about financial planning, invoicing, getting paid, making money, funding, customer relationship, etc... Well, someone had to put together a list of the best articles/posts (that's worthy of a bookmark!), and that someone is Jessica Hupp from Bootstrapper, she compiled a list of the 100 best business finance posts. … [Read more...]

Selling Yourself On The Value Of Your Time

There's one inherent advantage to being a full time, salaried employee that the self-employed rarely talk about: Even when you're unproductive, you're still earning money. If you're a full time employee, you probably just laughed to yourself. If you're a freelancer or a self-employed entrepreneur, that knot in your stomach is the realization that you're the one paying the price for less-than-productive … [Read more...]