Playin’ the Role: A Case Study in Credibility

There are times and places for eloquence. This isn't one. There's something you need to know and you don't need fanciful principles, lofty concepts, or useless ideology. This is a report on a case study that will change the way you freelance. Let's get down to brass tacks and set a solid foundation with some undeniable facts. You face inherent obstacles that threaten your success as a freelancer. Actually, … [Read more...]

The Art of Getting Freelance Work Using Forums

Are you one of those freelancers who bid on low paying gigs and yet don’t get accepted? Or do you simply find it difficult to find work? If you are guilty conscious of one of the above two, then read on, I will be guiding you on how to use effectively use forums to get freelance gigs. I find it's a more personal approach than using job boards. Without further ado, let me take you to the art of getting freelance … [Read more...]

Is Your Elevator Pitch a Home Run?

If you're anything like me, you've been procrastinating on coming up with a great elevator pitch. Squeezing a tempting description of how you can help people through your products and services into just a few words is challenging at best. Your elevator pitch is your 30-second marketing strategy. You need it to tell people on the fly at any given moment who you are, what you do, and help win them over – or at … [Read more...]

I Know You’re Out There My Friends!

I just read one brilliant post titled 'freelancer’s guide to sales: making friends'. You guessed it right, the article is about building relationships and making friends, and it really is worth reading. Here's a quick excerpt from Shane's article: Most of our gigs don’t land on the initial contact, nor the second, not even the third. They come from having built a relationship with someone and being top of … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Business Is Growing So Slowly

We'd all like to believe that getting a full docket of clients and customers is as easy as flipping on a light switch. But in real life it ain't that easy... or is it? If you want to quit limping along the slow path, here are 3 smart tips to short-cut your way to the big time. Reason #1: You're Fishing For Customers, Instead Of Going To The Fish Market. You could spend all your time looking for customers … [Read more...]

Keep Your Promotion Efforts In Top Gear – For Free

Are you noticing a sudden drop in the number of business inquiries you receive every day/week? As a freelancer your income depends in part on: Pitching your services in front of prospective clients Referrals Direct business inquiries from your website or print advertisements The referrals depend on the good relationships you have with your previous clients. Since you provide an exceptional … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Make A Positive Impression

Those of us who are business owners, consultants, marketers and sales people must make good impressions on others if we are to succeed in building our businesses, growing clients, and making the sale. It begins with the way we look and speak and the ways we communicate our feelings and emotions. I want to use this space, however, to focus on other ways to make a good impression. Here are my top 10 in no … [Read more...]

Creative Professionals – Behance Network Beta

Hi folks, I got 5 invites left to join The Behance Network, a new site for creative professionals. We all know how important it is to network, and it's even better when you got the right tools, Behance definitely falls into this category. The idea behind Behance is quite simple, and it'S not just about getting people together. You can showcase your work, find new gigs/contracts and opportunities and share … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs, Get Over It! Let Go and Prosper!

Hello folks, today we have a article by Chad from MarketingCT. Chad says he's an addicted entrepreneur, I believe him! :) - Jon A List of Do-Not's: Do not be a specialist, do not be a generalist, do not be an everything-in-the-whole-world-needs-to-be-done-this-way-ist. Just be the entrepreneur that everyone flocks to, the leader that people want to follow, and then let everyone who does something good, do … [Read more...]

Are You Networking On Purpose, Or At Random?

The formula is simple: Hook up with the right people, and get leads/recommendations/etc. that turn into paying customers again and again. But finding the right people ain't always easy, and it doesn't happen by random accident enough to pay the bills (or thrive). You've got to do it on purpose. If you want your business to grow at a solid, sustainable pace, you've got to be sure that the people you network … [Read more...]