33+ Real Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Anything Done

Is your to-do list growing? Do you feel like you're working hard, but not accomplishing very much? If your efforts aren't effective, there's a reason. In this post, I share over 33 real reasons why you're not getting anything done. Beware, many of these reasons will make some freelancers uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Get Your Stalled Freelancing Project Unstuck

You never thought it would happen to you. You've landed your dream freelancing project. You've been working on it for a while now, when all of the sudden you find you just can't go any further. You're stuck! There are a number of reasons why a freelancing project might get stuck. In this post, we identify four of those reasons and explain how to overcome each reason. (A special thank-you to our Freelance … [Read more...]