The Surprising Reason Why Freelancers Fail

What's one of the biggest causes of freelancing failure? You'd be surprised. You might think freelancers fail because they did poor work. Or, maybe they missed a deadline. Perhaps they fail because they have no talent. While all of the above factors can certainly play a role in some freelancing failures, there's another, even more surprising cause of failure--not getting started as freelancer. … [Read more...]

28 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Marketing Message Across

Marketing--it brings us new clients and helps to keep our freelancing business afloat. Yet, many freelancers are uncomfortable about marketing their business. There are actually many easy and painless steps that you can take to get your marketing message across. The best marketing tactics are often those that you don't have to remember to apply. In this post, we'll summarize some of these easy marketing … [Read more...]

Using Zen Practices to Increase Your Organization & Productivity

There comes a time in every freelancer's business that they realize the sad truth--that we spend more time answering emails, talking on the phone, sending estimates and invoices and doing generally everything but what we actually went into business for. I hate, absolutely hate, the management part of projects and of business in general. If I had my way, projects would beam down from the sky on to my desk with … [Read more...]

Set Up Your Desk to Maximize Productive Web Development

I get lots of questions about how both my desk and apps are set up and about how productivity can be improved. This is a very important topic for many reasons, yet it isn't discussed very often on the web. Properly setting up both your physical and virtual desks can make you more productive while also helping you avoid serious injury like frequent headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. While I'm no … [Read more...]