How to Feel Fresh on Friday

Blah! It's another one of those days and you just don't feel like working. But, of course, you have to work. You've got deadlines and besides you need the money. Every freelancer has times when they struggle with motivation. You may struggle to stay motivated on Friday after a long week's work, or you may have trouble getting back into the swing of things on Monday. No matter what your motivational … [Read more...]

How Committed Are You to Freelancing?

Freelancers come and freelancers go. It's a fact that many start freelancing, but not everyone who starts a freelance business sticks with it. What do you think it is that really separates those who stick with freelancing from those who quit? Could it be talent? Is it the amount of knowledge that a freelancer has? Or, perhaps popularity is the true measure of a freelancer's ultimate success... While … [Read more...]