11 Reasons to Believe in Your Freelancing Client

I admit it. I've been lucky. The number of good clients that I've worked for far outweighs the number of bad clients that I've worked for. We freelancers love to gripe about bad clients. That's why sites like Clients from Hell are so popular. Even on Freelance Folder, our post on 10 Types of Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them attracted nearly 100 comments. Don't get me wrong. Bad clients are out there. They … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Freelancing Perceptions and Prosper

People who are successful in freelancing will tell you that starting their own business was the best choice they ever made. Those who are thinking of going freelance, or are "happy" in a full-time job, tell a different story. While your perceptions of things in life doesn't determine the success or failure of what you're doing 100% of the time, having a positive perception does make the task much easier. You're … [Read more...]

How Negative of a Freelancer Are You?

I was reading an email that offered me an opportunity to partner up on a joint venture and I was thinking I should jump on board the opportunity--until I read a crucial little phrase that swerved me in the other direction. It was right in the wrap-up: "Don't hesitate to contact me." Suddenly something in my mind shifted. My relaxed expression shifted to a mild frown. "Mmm. This isn't a good fit for … [Read more...]