How to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

It's that time again. The New Year is upon us and as we look back at all we set out to accomplish in the past 365 days we also look forward and begin creating resolutions and goals for the year ahead. Unfortunately, very often our resolutions list looks very similar to last year's. In fact, although I don't know the exact statistics, it is likely the percentage of New Year's resolutions that are actually … [Read more...]

Freelancing Accountability Tips to Help You Stay on Target

Many complain about the inconvenience of working corporate hours, but freelancers understand best how having a rigid schedule can help with focus and productivity. The advantages of working your own hours and sitting wherever you call your "office" also bring many detractors and a constant need for self-imposed focus. Here we offer tips for moving forward--rather than sideways --with your projects. … [Read more...]

How I Work Less and Accomplish More (by Managing My Energy)

It's really hard to find decent productivity advice these days. Most of the productivity 'gurus' are self-proclaimed and offer techniques that aren't backed up with any evidence. I actually struggled with those people for the past two years. I was trying to find a way to be more productive (work less and accomplish more) but and was trying out these 'techniques.' Nothing worked, however. Until finally, I … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Productivity Using Agile Techniques

Improved productivity is the goal of every freelancer. Ever since I started my one-man business, I have looked for ways to improve my productivity and get things done faster. There were a couple of methods that seemed to lead to small improvements, but overall none of them proved efficient. That is, until I discovered agile techniques. In this post, I'll discuss some of the ways that agile techniques can … [Read more...]

When Does Pen and Paper Slow a Freelancer’s Productivity?

Pen and paper. Quite arguably the greatest productivity tool ever created to date. Right? Right. Well, while some people like to stick to the old school method of organization, I myself am somewhat of an online productivity junkie (now) and self-proclaimed to-do list recoveree. Is that a word? Hope so… it is now. Since you’re reading this, and probably a freelancer, I’m sure you know that sometimes pen and … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Work More Quickly and Accomplish More

Productivity is a big deal for freelancers. That's because the amount of work we're able to accomplish is directly proportional to the income we make. If we're able to do more in less time, we can take on more work. We'll also have more time to spend with our loved ones and to pursue our personal interests. Being a highly productive freelancer also means you'll be able to keep marketing your services, even … [Read more...]

How to Get More Work Done In Less Time

Productivity is essential for freelancers. The more work we can accomplish, the more income we can earn. And the more time we have to enjoy with our family and friends. Therefore, time management is an important skill all freelancers should have. One way to manage time is by time chunking. (We'll define that in detail later.) There are many variations of time chunking techniques. For example, copywriter … [Read more...]

Set Up Your Desk to Maximize Productive Web Development

I get lots of questions about how both my desk and apps are set up and about how productivity can be improved. This is a very important topic for many reasons, yet it isn't discussed very often on the web. Properly setting up both your physical and virtual desks can make you more productive while also helping you avoid serious injury like frequent headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. While I'm no … [Read more...]

Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Freelancer Burnout?

You just love your job as a freelancer, but lately it seems like you really have to force yourself to get the work done. Perhaps you're getting sick all the time--you always catch whatever illness seems to be going around. Maybe you don't have any problems getting started on your projects, but seem to find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook, or Twitter, or playing online games. If you can relate to … [Read more...]

The 20 Best Productivity and Personal Development Blogs

One of the things that many freelancers struggle with is that we find it hard to manage time. No matter how much we wish there were more hours in a day, the fact is that a day is only going to consist of 24 hours. If we can't straighten our priorities, our productivity level and creativity isn't going through shine through our work. Having said good bye to 2009, it's time to take control of our career and … [Read more...]