I Really Need to Find It!!! Resources And Tools For (pretty much) Everything

I am constantly looking for resources and places to go for fonts, articles, ideas and jobs. I asked Jon if I was the only one and he said no, we’re probably all like that. So I figured I should share some of the sites I have used and abused. These sites are all easy to navigate, and offer a wide range of services and resources. Whether you are in need of a new font or medical insurance that doesn’t cost an arm … [Read more...]

Popular and Better – Synonyms or Misconception?

In today's society, where image is everything, it's definitely easy to get carried away and end up thinking that a popular product or service is automatically better as well. Let's try to look beyond the surface and ask ourselves if popularity should really be an important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when judging the quality of a certain product or service. Popularity - An Important … [Read more...]

Growing Your Mailing List – OptinComments Overview

Some time ago Ian Fernando, a good blogging friend of mine, contacted me to have my opinion on a new product he was working on called OptinComments. Which is basically a WordPress plugin that one can use to grow his/her mailing list. First let's see why a freelancer would actually want to have a mailing list, or grow an existing one. What are the benefits of having a mailing list? Most companies like … [Read more...]

I’m Sure You Could Use More Desktop Space

Even though I have a fairly large screen (wait! I have 2), I always have to hide applications, resize windows, like there's never enough space. More space on my desktop would really help me be more productive. Well some folks have a solution, it's called 360Desktop. Grab all of your favorite web apps and content — web widgets, RSS feeds, AJAX start pages, or any part of any web page — and make them available … [Read more...]