Why Doesn’t My Client Take Me Seriously?

Lack of client respect is a huge problem for many freelancers. I hear the complaint often, "my client just doesn't treat me like a professional." A client who doesn't treat you like a professional can lead to a number of problems: Mistakes on the part of the client Communication problems Lower payment If you're working with a client who doesn't treat you like a professional, don't despair. In this … [Read more...]

10 Steps to a Client-Winning Mindset

We can read freelancing advice all day long, but the truth is that when you are a freelancer--your mindset is everything. Your mindset determines the difference between reading advice and following advice. It's the difference between doing a good job and doing a lousy job. And finally, your mindset can be the difference between quitting and persevering (and ultimately succeeding). A bad attitude is a … [Read more...]

15 Professional Details that Can Land You More Work

Congratulations, you're a freelancer. Now you can work from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, while blaring your favorite music so loud your ears bleed. You can also take breaks whenever you want, schedule your day however you like, and take a two-hour lunch in the middle of the day to chat with your friends on Facebook if it suits you. Meanwhile, clients are out there searching for a … [Read more...]

Are You a Good Sport Freelancer?

If you work online (and most freelancers do), how do you handle it when you encounter someone who doesn't agree with you (or even like you)? I grew up attending my brother's little league games, and now I have the opportunity to watch my own children participate in sport activities. The one thing that nearly every coach stressed was good sportsmanship--which included the ability to get along with others on … [Read more...]

Can the Bad Attitude of a Few Bad Apples Hurt Your Business?

It's time to get serious about freelancing! A few freelancers don't take their business seriously enough, and quite frankly their unprofessionalism is hurting the rest of us who want to make a career out of freelancing. So, if you've been merely dabbling in freelancing, if you've been inconsistent with the quality you provide, or if your attitude towards clients needs a little bit of adjustment, I have … [Read more...]