Three Easy Tips to Help You Effectively Estimate Project Time

Do you know how much time your next project will take? As a freelancer, you should at least have an idea. If you're freelancing, you must be able to effectively estimate the time each of your projects will take. If you can't do this you won't know how much to charge for your work or how to best schedule your time. Estimating is one of the core freelancing skills, yet it is one that many freelancers … [Read more...]

How to Quote Projects for Work You’ve Never Done

Even when we list out our services on our portfolios, you'll always get quote requests for something you've never done before. You can always refuse to do the project or hand these requests off to another freelancer. But, what if you're actually interested in doing the work? I was recently contacted about doing some work in Expression Engine. Although I've never worked with Expression Engine before, I like to … [Read more...]