The Great Freelancer Pricing War

It's a war out there--or at least it can feel like one when it comes to the prices freelancers charge for their services. If you've ever had a client balk at the price you are asking for your work, then you can probably relate to this post. The purpose of this post is NOT to tell you how you should decide to charge your clients or how much you should charge. There are plenty of posts out there for that … [Read more...]

Why You Should Let Your Project Cool Off Before You Turn It in

Before you really dive into this article do me a favor. Open up your freelancing weapon of choice, whether it be a writing, designing, or development program. Go ahead, get it going (if it's not already running in the background) and open up a recent or current project. I’ll wait… Okay, now quickly hit the save button then open up your e-mail and fire off whatever work you have completed so far to yourself. … [Read more...]

The Lost Element of Quality

Quality... No matter what the field you'll hear a lot of complaints about a decline in quality. From Super Bowl Ads to bacon, from television shows to toys, many would argue that today's products and services are inferior in quality to products and services from the past. If you've ever bought something, only to have it break as soon as you get it home, you can relate to the disappointment that poor … [Read more...]