How to Quote Projects for Work You’ve Never Done

Even when we list out our services on our portfolios, you'll always get quote requests for something you've never done before. You can always refuse to do the project or hand these requests off to another freelancer. But, what if you're actually interested in doing the work? I was recently contacted about doing some work in Expression Engine. Although I've never worked with Expression Engine before, I like to … [Read more...]

Why You Must Quote a Ballpark Figure

“I quoted the prospect a ballpark fee for the project, he thanked me for my time, and I never heard back from him.” That’s a common dilemma most freelancers face at some point. If you quote a ballpark figure early on, you run the risk of scaring the prospect away before you have a chance to explain the value of your services. But, if you wait too long, you risk wasting time with someone who would never pay … [Read more...]