20 Excellent Tips for Getting Your First Freelancing Gig

It's an exciting time! After weeks of wavering, you've finally decided to become a freelancer. You've got the skills. Maybe you've even set up a freelancing website already. You're ready and willing--but there are no clients in sight. Now what do you do? This post gives you twenty tips for finding that elusive first freelancing project. … [Read more...]

You Probably Already Do Know Your Very Next Client

A common freelancing stereotype is that a freelancer never knows where or when his or her next job is coming from--or from whom. For most of us, though, this stereotype is only partially true. Odds are that your next client is hidden somewhere among your Twitter (or other social media) followers, your previous clients, or your friends and acquaintances. Time after time, whenever we've asked freelancers … [Read more...]

The Care and Keeping of Long-Term Clients

Basically, there are two kinds of clients that a freelancer can have: One-time clients--Clients who need your services a single time Long-term clients--Clients who return frequently to use more of your services Both types of clients are important for a successful freelancing business. Long-term clients can offer you many benefits that one-time clients cannot. In this post, we'll focus on long-term … [Read more...]

How to Ask for a Referral Without Sounding Like a Jerk

It’s a lousy truth, but if you want referrals, you have to ask for them. No matter how great your work is, no matter how wonderful you are, most clients aren’t thinking about referring you to anyone. In this post, we'll share the story of one talented designer who failed to get a referral. We'll also tell you an easy way to get your clients to give you referrals. … [Read more...]

Working With Other Freelancers to Expand Your Business

There comes a time in every freelancer's career where you might decide that you need to expand your clientele or services, while still staying a one-person business.  While I believing that niching yourself into a certain type of client, industry or service can greatly improve your clientele and revenue; it's also important to make use of those "confused clients". Who are these confused clients? If you're a … [Read more...]