How To Get Paid Freelance Work While You’re Still A Design Student

As a second year graphic design student myself and an active freelancer, I want to share some tips on how to get paid freelance work while you are still a graphic design student. For most 1st, 2nd or 3rd year students, finding a part time or even casual job in the design industry is quite frustrating and nearly impossible and most resort to working at their local store, however, there is hope - I am living … [Read more...]

Solo SEO Link Search Tool – Fast and Free

There's been a lot of talk on blogs about the PageRank update lately, may tools can help you get better rankings, some are great, some are not. Want to save some serious time and money? Try Solo SEO Link Search Tool, here's how it works... How? You simply start by typing in a desired keyword phrase related to your website. Let's take "Web Design for example. In just a few seconds, the tool returns numerous … [Read more...]

Ideas And Tools For A Paperless Office

Is it possible to freelance, run a business, be productive, and not use paper at all? Or at least reduce your paper consumption to a minimum? I think it's possible, but it won't happen just like that, you have to be organized and actually want to have a paperless office (some people don't). The Paperless Office Concept The paperless office is now considered to be a philosophy to work with minimal paper and … [Read more...]

77 Tools/Resources For Web Designers

Just a quick post to let you know Steven from VandelayDesign has put together a list of 77 resources for web designer. From color pickers to CSS layouts, to dead-links checkers, really worth checking out. 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer … [Read more...]

Top 100 List Of Make Money at Home Blogs

I recently found a list of Top 100 money-making blogs online and the list is somewhat interesting. You've likely heard of some of these blogs. If you are a freelancer working from home then some of them are essential reading. I highly recommend that you subscribe to their news feeds. Take a look at the Top 10 on the list: ProBlogger (essential reading, especially if you blog) John Chow (good to read for … [Read more...]

Find Work, Avoid Scams, and Get Paid (on time is even better)

Paisley from Why Paisley sent me an e-mail yesterday, and asked me a couple of questions regarding freelancing and working from home, and I thought it would be a good idea to answer on here, as I think it'll be interesting and useful to you freelancers. :) Being a freelancer and working from home is cool, and you can definitely make a (more than decent) living freelancing. Of course, you want to do business … [Read more...]