10+ Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest

Are you tired? Chances are that you answered "yes." Studies show that up to one third of all adults don't get enough sleep. If you're a freelancer, chances are good that you're among the sleepless. The problems associated with sleeplessness can be severe. They range from overeating to poor driving to irritability. A sleepless freelancer is also more likely to make mistakes in his or her work. In this … [Read more...]

Taking Time Off Without Going on Vacation

Because you are self-employed and your office is located in your own humble abode, you’re already all too familiar with the tired misconceptions friends and family have about your career. The believe that you don’t have a real job, you are immune to deadlines, and you are free to help them out in any way necessary when called upon since everyone else is busy working. Without clear boundaries, the freelance … [Read more...]

Feeling Guilty About Taking Time Off

One of the coolest perks about being a freelancer is that there's absolutely no nine-to-five and no one around to scream at you if you're late to work. I'm definitely not a morning person, so this was a big factor when I decided to go into business for myself. The problem with this though is that we're so ingrained to "work, work, work" that this perk begins to become a liability. You start feeling guilty … [Read more...]