Think Vitamin Membership Review–Great Way to Expand Your Web Knowledge

I've been investing a lot of my time lately on learning new things. I prefer to stay a front-end developer, but I've always wanted to play in different languages and keep up to date with design trends. Following long how-to books really isn't my thing, as I usually end up falling asleep before the first chapter ends. I've never been a big fan of video on the web either, since I'm never at my computer unless … [Read more...]

Taking Things To The Next Level –

If you are a writer and haven't heard about James Chartrand and JCM Entreprises already, or if you haven't read last week's open thread where James was kicking ass in the comment section (which resulted in us asking James for a guest post), well you're definitely missing out. James told me in an e-mail that they were in the process of rebranding their business and moving their blog to a new domain. James … [Read more...]

Fire Them Up!

You know, one thing I absolutely love about blogging and working online is you meet so many creative, talented and motivated people, it's crazy! Usually it happens in the comment section of a blog, but sometimes it's 'behind the scene' by e-mail. Not so long ago I got an e-mail from Carmine Gallo, a communications coach, author, speaker and columnist at Carmine asked me if I'd be interested … [Read more...]

Growing Your Mailing List – OptinComments Overview

Some time ago Ian Fernando, a good blogging friend of mine, contacted me to have my opinion on a new product he was working on called OptinComments. Which is basically a WordPress plugin that one can use to grow his/her mailing list. First let's see why a freelancer would actually want to have a mailing list, or grow an existing one. What are the benefits of having a mailing list? Most companies like … [Read more...]