How to Create a Client Pricing Package to Really Build Your Freelancing Business

Are you looking for a slick and quick way to increase your volume of new projects? If this is you, a client pricing package just might be the way to go. Although we've discussed the pros and cons of a public price list for freelancers before, a client pricing package is slightly different from simply publishing your prices online because a pricing package bundles a high volume of work or a group of … [Read more...]

Sales Tips for Shy People

You've probably all heard of the proverbial natural salesperson. You know the one I'm talking about--the one who can sell anything to anyone at any time? Well, that person is not me. In fact, I've blogged about being a bit shy before. But, as a freelancer, I frequently find myself in situations where I must sell my services. Selling is just part of doing business. So, I've learned to cope with my … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth Of Freelance Sales

Successful freelancers sell. While there are any number of things that will kill a freelance business, the inability to convince anyone to hire your services is right up toward the top. Yet, somehow, many freelancers are intimidated by the idea of the sale. Why all this trepidation? Maybe you see your competitors, for example, charging atrociously low rates, and you fear your rates are too high. It could … [Read more...]