Stop Wasting Time Today

How much time do you waste in a typical day? Is it minutes, hours, or even more? The real answer might surprise you. All of those distractions add up. Worst of all a distracted freelancer is a less productive freelancer--and that can cost you money. In this post, I'll examine six surprising areas that may be wasting your time. Then, I'll suggest a strategy to help you avoid them. … [Read more...]

Twenty Time Saving Tips

Are you pressed for time? It's not at all unusual for a freelancer to run out of day before their work is done. If you're using an application to track how you use your time, that's a great start to making better use of your time. There are other shortcuts and tricks you can apply to maximize your available time. In this post, I'll share twenty tips to help you make the best use of your time. … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most of Google Alerts

As a freelancer, your business revolves around the online world. From working with online companies to keeping up with the latest trends, you would likely be lost without the assistance of online searches. However, while you may depend on internet searches to remain a successful freelancer, you may not be using searches in the best or most efficient manner. Specifically if you haven't yet harnessed the power … [Read more...]

Adding a FAQ Page to Your Website Can Get You More Clients & Save Time

Does your business blog or portfolio page have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page? If your answer is "no," you could be losing potential clients and wasting valuable time. In this post, we'll discuss an easy way to add a FAQ link to your business blog. We'll also talk about the information you should include on your FAQ page. … [Read more...]