7 Ways to Summon the Courage to Say “No”

What do you do when a freelancing project just isn't right for you? Do you turn it down, or do you take it anyway? Most freelancers already understand that they should say "no" to some clients. But often we freelancers just keep on saying "yes" when we know that we shouldn't. Here on Freelance Folder, we've explained when to say "no" and even provided some guidelines for saying "no." Why do we do it? … [Read more...]

Should You Ever Turn Freelancing Work Down?

Do you have more work than you can do right now? Here on Freelance Folder, we spend a lot of time talking about how to get more freelance work...and rightfully so. Many freelancers struggle to find freelance work. However, there's another side to freelancing that many experienced freelancers will attest to--freelance overload. This is the feast aspect of the infamous freelancing feast or famine … [Read more...]

21 Times for a Freelancer to Say “No”

The ability to say "no" is vital to freelancers. While there are many good freelancing opportunities out there, there are also many bad gigs that every freelancer should turn down. Sadly, I read about a freelancer trapped working for a bad client on social media nearly every day. But, we freelancers often accept jobs that we really shouldn't take. We need to learn to say "no." In this post, I list … [Read more...]

Learning When to Refuse Your Community

Aside from your clients, your community is the second most important thing to have as a freelancer. The community includes your Twitter followers, blog commenters, Facebook fans, or any other website where you interact with fellow freelancers who often do something similar to what you do. This can also include your physical community like the business events or conferences you may attend. To be seen as an … [Read more...]

How and When to Say No to a Client

When you're first starting out as a freelancer, it can be difficult to find those first few gigs. Many freelancers develop the habit of accepting nearly every project with work that remotely resembles their chosen specialty. For the brand new freelancer, taking what work you can find is a matter of survival (and there's nothing wrong with that). Before long, however, you may find yourself overwhelmed with … [Read more...]