10 Free Project Management Applications

Are you just a freelancer? Chances are, the answer to that question, is no. Think about it – you are a business owner and as such, you fulfill many different roles. You are a marketing expert, you are an accountant, you are a supervisor. You play some extremely vital parts to run and successfully sustain your freelance business. How do you tackle your project management? Do you write a to-do list down … [Read more...]

Manage Your Time Effectively Using the “Four List” Method

Some people hate them, other people love them. Software companies have even created apps to make keeping them easier. I'm talking about To Do lists, of course. When used properly, they can really help you to manage your time. Freelancers are busy people. There's no doubt about it. Discussions of time management are always among the most popular topics here at Freelance Folder. That's why today I'm going to … [Read more...]

What to Do When You Have too Much Work

We all strive to be there--we want to have so much work we never really have to advertise or cold call or do much marketing ever again. We want enough clients so that we can pick and choose the best ones with the best projects. But what happens when you actually make it there? Personally, I have a tendency to overschedule myself--which is normally a good thing because clients usually take longer than they … [Read more...]

Managing Your Client Schedule

Having lots of clients is the goal for any freelancer who's serious about business. The money is always flowing, your clients are happy and you're working hard to maintain your reputation. The problem though, is the fact you haven't seen the outside of your office for weeks, you dream about the next email you're going to send to your clients, and you're constantly checking your phone for client replies when … [Read more...]

How to Never Miss a Deadline

I'm going to let you in on the secret to keeping clients for years and getting more referral business than ever. Stellar portfolio? Sure, that helps, but no. That's not it. It's simpler than that. Here it is: Never miss a deadline. Ever. One of the most common complaints that clients have about freelancers is that they're not reliable. What is this complaint based on? You can bet that missed … [Read more...]

When and How to Draw the Line When Everything Is an “Emergency”

Clients usually turn to freelancers because they prefer a more 'personal' approach than agencies or larger organizations can offer. The relationships and sometimes even friendships that come from working closely with clients to bring their vision to life are always a satisfying element of my business. Unfortunately, the expectations that accompany the client's desire for personal service can grow to nightmarish … [Read more...]