5 Misuses of Social Media That Could Kill Your Freelance Business

Unless you've been living under a rock this year, you have witnessed the explosion of social media as a tool for marketing, networking and branding in new and exciting ways. What started out as a few different methods for communicating and sharing online with friends and family has spawned entirely new occupations, from social media marketers to brand management organizations to software applications for … [Read more...]

15 Sites for Learning and Mastering SEO

We recently compiled a list of some of the best social media blogs on the web. Although maintaining healthy relationships and building a strong network on the web is crucial, search engine placement certainly can't be ignored either. We all know the impact of search engines on our daily traffic. It can be a make or break deal. With Google covering the most ground on search engine space and Bing slowly trying … [Read more...]

Solo SEO Link Search Tool – Fast and Free

There's been a lot of talk on blogs about the PageRank update lately, may tools can help you get better rankings, some are great, some are not. Want to save some serious time and money? Try Solo SEO Link Search Tool, here's how it works... How? You simply start by typing in a desired keyword phrase related to your website. Let's take "Web Design for example. In just a few seconds, the tool returns numerous … [Read more...]

Online Reputation Management: A Necessary Evil

The Internet has spawned a whole new profession. It's called online reputation management. Even if you don't do business online, have a website, or have an e-mail account, you still need to think about your online reputation. Consider this: Anyone can go online at any time and post a negative comment about you on a blog or message forum and if you have no other information about you online that's what … [Read more...]

Using Established Brands To Promote One’s Own Brand: Leviathan?

Nick Stamoulis has been getting a lot of attention online lately. It's not all good and that's good. Nick is an Internet marketer. An effective one it seems. He uses pay-per-click ads to market his services and attract new clients. The problem is, he buys clicks for recognized brand names so that he'll appear on the SERPs (search engine results pages) of those companies. In other words, type in "Bruce Clay," … [Read more...]