Unleash the Power of WordPress Using Plugin Combos

As you probably know, WordPress is best known for the way that you can easily add new functionality, thanks to the huge plugin repository. You’ll find a plugin for every use that you could possibly imagine. Did you know that by combining specific plugins, you can quickly specialize your WordPress installation or make it incredibly flexible and powerful, without doing any coding? In this post, I'll share … [Read more...]

Surviving Data Disaster: What’s Your Backup Plan?

Hardware fails. Accidents happen. And like it or not, your computer will die - suddenly, unexpectedly, and when it's least convenient. There's no avoiding this cold hard fact of life. But how much money your business loses - that's completely under your control if you set up a smart backup plan now. Here's how to do it - and it's easier/cheaper than you think. Read on. … [Read more...]