10 Reasons Clients Buy from Freelancers

Sales is a vital part of freelancing. Whether you're offering your services or a product such as an eBook or WordPress theme, if you can't sell then you won't get any clients. So, every freelancer should learn more about sales. In this post, we'll talk specifically about the reasons that many clients decide to make a purchase. We'll also talk about how you can use the information you learn about your … [Read more...]

Multivariate Testing for Freelancers

Many freelancers have created and are selling their own products through their websites. Whether you're marketing a Wordpress theme, an eBook, a training course, or something else--if you've made the transition from selling freelancing services to marketing some products along with your freelancing services, then it is worthwhile to learn some internet marketing techniques and tools. In this post, I'll … [Read more...]