7 Tips to Help Freelancers Who Charge by the Hour

Freelance work is a numbers game. There's only a tiny hourly cost margin between prosperity and ruin. It is a hard decision how you actually need to charge for your work. I don't think there's one answer to it. And neither do I think you should blindly follow anyone's advice when it comes to how you should charge. The best way to start is to look around and see what your competitors fellow freelancers in the … [Read more...]

Do Lower Rates Mean More Clients?

Here at Freelance Folder we publish an awful lot of posts on freelance rates. Some of our past posts on rates include: How to Set Your Freelance Rates Get Your Clients to Stop Comparing Rates 3 Reasons Your Rates Are Still Low (And How to Start Raising Them) Will You Raise Your Rates in 2010? 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Raise Your Rates Why You Must Quote a Ballpark Figure We discuss rates often … [Read more...]

Why You Should Never Charge Hourly

One of the biggest and oldest debates between freelancers is whether you should charge hourly or by the project. While both sides of the debate have valid points, if you want to really go anywhere in your freelance career, you should avoid charging hourly. Why? There are several reasons for charging by the project, and it also seems to be common among the higher end freelancers I know. So, let's take a look … [Read more...]