Why You Can’t Afford to Be an Undercover Freelancer

I love detective movies. I really do. There's nothing more thrilling than when the detective goes undercover by blending in with the bad guys. You spend the rest of the movie holding your breathe to see whether the hero gets caught or catches the bad guys. Going undercover makes for great entertainment. Unfortunately, going undercover isn't so great if you're a freelancer. You see, as a freelancer, … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Set You Apart as a Freelancer

I'm not sure why I continue to be shocked every time I hear from clients about their horrific experiences with other freelancers. For some reason, I want to believe that the horror stories are the exception to the majority of quality, hard-working freelancers, but almost every client I have has shared at least one and usually several tales of terrible situations they have endured. Over time I have come to … [Read more...]