Is Talent Enough?

How important is talent? Is it enough to let you succeed as a freelancer? On the one hand, we'd love to believe that sheer talent automatically leads to freelancing success every time. Who doesn't like a story of someone who rises from obscurity solely because of their outstanding ability? That's the stuff movies are made of. As freelancers, however, we are reluctantly forced to admit that such stories of … [Read more...]

Talent Versus Skill — Which Leads to Freelancing Success?

Which do you think is more important for freelancing success -- talent or skill? This topic is rarely discussed in freelancing circles, but most freelancers do have an opinion about which factor contributed the most to their success. The question of whether talent or skill contributes more to success is a controversial debate for many in the freelancing world (and elsewhere). In this post, we'll examine … [Read more...]