12+ Things You Can Do While You’re Waiting

Do you like to wait? I know that I don't. Whether it's waiting for an appointment in the doctor's office or waiting in line, I always feel like I'm wasting time when I wait. However, waiting is a big part of freelancing. We freelancers do a lot of waiting. We wait to see if we got the project we applied for. We wait to hear back from a client. We wait to get payment after sending out an invoice. In … [Read more...]

What to Do on the Slow Days

Freelancing can get quite busy, and as they say, when it rains, it pours. I've read a lot of articles about how to freelance effectively, and different approaches you can take to get things done for your clients in a timely manner... But, what about when things are dead, and you really cannot find much to do? Well here are a few things I like to do to keep busy when things aren't particularly busy during a … [Read more...]