Six Things to Do Instead of Working Today

Some days are just not good days for working. You've got a million things distracting you from your work: the dogs are whining, the kids are crying, you've got too much on your mind, or you're so eager for a package coming in the mail (that's me) that you simply can't drag yourself to your desk. Fortunately for us, we're freelancers which means we don't have to work Monday thru Friday, eight to five. We can … [Read more...]

How to Get Ahead When There’s No Work

Every freelancer, no matter how awesome they are, goes through slow periods. They often only last a week or two--but when you're used to getting a lot of checks in the mail, that week can go on for forever. Even though you should be used to it by now, it's still stressful, but there's hope yet! If you're like me, you probably have the tendency to sit around and stare at the computer screen or play on Twitter … [Read more...]

Do Lower Rates Mean More Clients?

Here at Freelance Folder we publish an awful lot of posts on freelance rates. Some of our past posts on rates include: How to Set Your Freelance Rates Get Your Clients to Stop Comparing Rates 3 Reasons Your Rates Are Still Low (And How to Start Raising Them) Will You Raise Your Rates in 2010? 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Raise Your Rates Why You Must Quote a Ballpark Figure We discuss rates often … [Read more...]