How Much Money Can You Earn as a Freelancer?

"How much can you earn as a freelancer?" I'm probably asked this question more than any other question when people hear what I do for a living. It's also a question I dread because there's no set answer and there are certainly no guarantees. When I worked in a corporate job, I could easily give a salary range for what I did. I could even state my exact salary if I wanted to. As a freelancer, it's not … [Read more...]

The Many Paths to Freelancing

With more and more workers turning to freelancing, you may wonder whether you should freelance. Are you ready? What is the best path to take to become a freelancer? In this post, I'll identify five different routes people take to freelancing. I'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. … [Read more...]

Part-Time Freelancing–Is It Worth It?

The growing number of freelancers seems to be a hot topic. Nearly every week I read a news story about how there are more freelancers than ever before (although nobody seems to know for sure exactly how many there are). What most of those articles don't mention is that a sizable number of freelancers are part-time freelancers. That means that they have another job and freelance on the side or that they work … [Read more...]

10 Strategic Questions to Ask Before You Become a Freelancer

Becoming independent is going to be the best thing you've ever done for your career--if you do it right. Not everyone is meant for, or even comfortable with, working on their own. It's important to figure this out before becoming enamored with all the freedom freelancing brings. You don't want to leave a good job and then realize too late that freelancing isn't right for you. So, make sure you ask yourself … [Read more...]

Six Character Traits Needed for Freelancing

Before starting a career as a freelancer (this advice also can be applied to any other career), it is a good idea to compare the qualities required for the respective job with your own mentality and way of working. If somebody is very creative, fun, and spirited, then it is a complete mistake to choose to be an employee. Changing jobs is a challenging event, but if somebody really doesn't like their job, they … [Read more...]

How to Become a Successful Freelancer When You’re “Different”

“Currently, I am a teacher, but want to make the gradual transition from the classroom to the freelance commercial writing arena,” an aspiring freelancer recently emailed me. “However, because I lack a marketing background, I am concerned that clients may be hesitant to hire me. How can I transition from academia to this type of writing career?” That’s a valid concern—one that some of you may also have if … [Read more...]