The Dangers of Freelancing Perfectionism

Are you a freelancing perfectionist? You know who you are. Even now, while you're reading this very post about the dangers of perfectionism, you're consciously or subconsciously beating yourself up because you think you're not good enough. Why? You think you should be able to write faster, code faster, or translate faster. You think your work should be more than good--it should be the very best. You … [Read more...]

14+ Ways to Escape Freelance Burnout

Between working alone and the stresses of dealing with problem clients and not having a steady income, freelancers are at a high risk for burnout. Burnout is that awful feeling that you just can't go on with your work any longer. You're exhausted--mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's a serious problem. When you're burnt out your motivation may be gone. Your creativity may suffer. Your health may … [Read more...]

Beware These Freelancer Health Hazards

Freelancing can be a great opportunity and lead to a great lifestyle, but there are some risks. One of these risks can be to your health. I wrote this article to make freelancers aware of some specific health problems that freelancers may face. Of course, every lifestyle comes with its own risks, but many freelancers are unaware of the potential health problems that can be associated with freelancing. In … [Read more...]

Freelancing Stress 3.0

Are freelancers more stressed than ever before? Do you feel stress building, building, building...until you feel nearly overwhelmed? While we freelancers do have some natural stress reduction built into their job (such as no commute, control over hours and projects, not dealing with coworkers, etc., ...), there is some evidence that freelancers may be facing more stress than ever before. If you're feeling … [Read more...]

Do You Need 25 Hours in a Day to Meet All of Your Writing Deadlines?

If you’re like me, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get all your writing projects done. Having been a journalist for 22 years, I have literally written thousands (I lost count many years ago) of articles to this day. While some have been short projects, others have surpassed a couple thousand words each. So, while I work as a full-time content writer, I also freelance on the side. You … [Read more...]

Stress and the Freelance Writer

Writing in itself is probably not a difficult job, except when it comes to writing for money (especially if you aren't a celebrated writer who bags huge bucks for a couple of articles, or editorials). When you're focused on small freelance writing jobs like writing articles, blog posts, or press releases, there are certain demands that you need to meet. In fact, freelance writing requires immense focus, … [Read more...]

The Fear of Freelancing: Why You Could Be Hurting Yourself

Several months ago, I wrote up a six month plan to become a freelancer. Even though I thought that this plan was pretty rock solid I still got several commenters who mentioned they wouldn't start freelancing. Why? Not because they loved their 9-5 jobs or because they thought the idea of running their own business was a bad one--but because they were scared. Several people asked the same questions over and … [Read more...]