Taking Time Off Without Going on Vacation

Because you are self-employed and your office is located in your own humble abode, you’re already all too familiar with the tired misconceptions friends and family have about your career. The believe that you don’t have a real job, you are immune to deadlines, and you are free to help them out in any way necessary when called upon since everyone else is busy working. Without clear boundaries, the freelance … [Read more...]

How to Plan for a Long Vacation from Your Freelancing Business

My last post was about taking a spur-of-the moment vacation where working was still a necessity. Most of the time, however, with a little proper planning you can actually take an extended break and enjoy a vacation without having to worry about the work back home. For example, my wife and I will soon be taking a six-week European vacation as a second honeymoon. My goal on this trip is to enjoy my time … [Read more...]