Why Crowdsourcing Isn’t All About Spec Work Anymore

There’s always controversy surrounding crowdsourcing. Many people think that it means getting a lot of people to do something for nothing. But as the crowdsourcing industry evolves, there are many companies that look at crowdsourcing as a new way to approach work. In this post, I'll discuss what crowdsourcing is and explain how the new hybrid crowdsource agencies have evolved away from the spec model. I'll … [Read more...]

Why You Must Keep Up in Your Field

Freelancing is not just a part-time job any more. Freelancing has turned into a full-time venture that requires just as much consistency, dedication, and responsibility as any other job. In fact, freelancers ought to be one step ahead of the typical worker because when somebody hires a freelancer they expect them to be an expert in their respective field. A client may not ask you to furnish particular … [Read more...]

Six Areas of Technology All Freelancers MUST Stay Current With

Freelancers operate in a rapidly changing technological environment. I don't use the same computer software and hardware that I used eight years ago, and neither should you. Freelancers who don't keep up with the changing technologies may soon find themselves out of business. While you don't necessarily have to be on the cutting edge of new developments, neither should you lag too far behind. In this post, … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons You Should Learn MS-Visio

After almost fifteen years in the Information Technology field, I have come to respect both out of the box ($$) and open-source programs. However, there is one product which goes unmatched by open-source competition, and that is Microsoft Visio. It is relatively cheap and easy to use and will boost your software efforts in all ways. Here are ten reasons why you should start putting MS-Visio to work at your … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Software Experience

Today, software is an integral part of our lives – whether we are working on the web or on a school or business client-server environment that has all of the applications we must use. The following article features ten ways in which you can maximize your software experience, making order out of seeming chaos that can take place in the world of Information Technology: Install the default version of the … [Read more...]

How To Use VMWare To Survive A Computer Crash

In an earlier post I asked you how fast you could get back to doing business after a total computer failure. If you followed the tips in that article you could easily cut your downtime by 75% ... but there's a way to cut it down even further with two free products from VMware. Read on to get the scoop. … [Read more...]

How Fast Can You Get Back To Doing Business?

If your main work computer crashed - I mean really crashed, and was a total loss, hard drive and all - how long would it take you to get back to doing business? Would it be so long that it would cripple your income stream (and possibly cost you your best clients), or would it be a momentary blip that you easily recover from? If you'd rather have it be a little blip (rather than a big "Oh, bleep!"), read … [Read more...]

I’m Sure You Could Use More Desktop Space

Even though I have a fairly large screen (wait! I have 2), I always have to hide applications, resize windows, like there's never enough space. More space on my desktop would really help me be more productive. Well some folks have a solution, it's called 360Desktop. Grab all of your favorite web apps and content — web widgets, RSS feeds, AJAX start pages, or any part of any web page — and make them available … [Read more...]

Ideas And Tools For A Paperless Office

Is it possible to freelance, run a business, be productive, and not use paper at all? Or at least reduce your paper consumption to a minimum? I think it's possible, but it won't happen just like that, you have to be organized and actually want to have a paperless office (some people don't). The Paperless Office Concept The paperless office is now considered to be a philosophy to work with minimal paper and … [Read more...]

Surviving Data Disaster: What’s Your Backup Plan?

Hardware fails. Accidents happen. And like it or not, your computer will die - suddenly, unexpectedly, and when it's least convenient. There's no avoiding this cold hard fact of life. But how much money your business loses - that's completely under your control if you set up a smart backup plan now. Here's how to do it - and it's easier/cheaper than you think. Read on. … [Read more...]