Are You Guilty of T.M.I.?

Freelancers go to great lengths to build strong relationships with clients, so it should come as no surprise that they are sometimes guilty of sharing too much information (T.M.I.) online. While it's important to be authentic and genuine online, it's also possible to overshare. There are some things that clients, colleagues, and potential clients didn't really need to know about you. Yet, oversharing … [Read more...]

How to Find and Use the Information You Really Need

Overcoming information overload is a huge challenge for most freelancers. Let's face it, we're all exposed to far more information that we can practically absorb or apply. Having too much information has become even more of a problem then when I first wrote about it a few years ago. The Internet is vast and growing. Freelancers have more information available to them than ever before. The popularity of … [Read more...]