The Three Vital Rules of “Free”

“Free.” What do I mean by that? What I’m talking about is a popular marketing tool. A powerful tool, but often abused. To be specific, I’m talking about when you give something away with the hope of gaining (or keeping) customers. It’s often risky to use this tool, but it can be used safely and effectively. One of the best (and most commonly cited) examples is that of the Eastern food vendor at … [Read more...]

I’m Sure You Could Use More Desktop Space

Even though I have a fairly large screen (wait! I have 2), I always have to hide applications, resize windows, like there's never enough space. More space on my desktop would really help me be more productive. Well some folks have a solution, it's called 360Desktop. Grab all of your favorite web apps and content — web widgets, RSS feeds, AJAX start pages, or any part of any web page — and make them available … [Read more...]

How Do You Manage Your Projects?

Is your current project management system doing the job for you? Or are you struggling with a collection of notepads, post-it notes, and a flurry of client emails cluttering up your inbox? If you're not managing your projects in a way that a) makes it easy on you, b) leaves no room for misunderstanding with clients c) keeps things from falling through the cracks, and d) won't break a freelancer's bank … [Read more...]

Ideas And Tools For A Paperless Office

Is it possible to freelance, run a business, be productive, and not use paper at all? Or at least reduce your paper consumption to a minimum? I think it's possible, but it won't happen just like that, you have to be organized and actually want to have a paperless office (some people don't). The Paperless Office Concept The paperless office is now considered to be a philosophy to work with minimal paper and … [Read more...]

77 Tools/Resources For Web Designers

Just a quick post to let you know Steven from VandelayDesign has put together a list of 77 resources for web designer. From color pickers to CSS layouts, to dead-links checkers, really worth checking out. 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer … [Read more...]

14 Web-Based Invoicing Tools To Make Sure You Get Paid

We all know how important it is to keep track of everything, especially when we're talking "money", cause you do wanna get paid. So, here is a list of 14 web-based invoicing tools. No downloads required, you can access your account(s) wherever you may be in the world, making it really easy to manage your invoices and get paid (on time). A lot of folks prefer installing a software on their computers and … [Read more...]

Simple Time Management Tools Are Best

Over the years I've come into contact with various and sundry time management tools. I used the Covey system, a host of day timers, and even tried inventing my own tools. I finally gave up on time management because I didn't want to put my life in a box. I figured if I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted to do on a certain day then I'd just pick up again the next day. I finally just started making … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Card Say Anything About Your Skills?

I strongly believe everyone should have business cards made. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or you work for a company as an employee, it is a must have. But what does your business card say about your skills? When you give your card to someone, what's the initial reaction? Do you get a lot of calls or e-mails from people you gave your card to? I must have received hundreds of business … [Read more...]