25 (Plus) Must-Follow Tweeters for the Serious Freelancer

Are you getting the most value from your Twitter account? Who you choose to follow on Twitter determines the value that you'll receive. Follow the right people and you will learn valuable information for your freelancing business simply by following the links that are shared. You will also find yourself connecting with businesses and other freelancers in a way that will benefit your freelancing business for … [Read more...]

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio to Get Targeted Followers

Much has been written about using Twitter for business, for social networking, for personal connections, for making money with and increasing follower count. But many people forget that without a good (great) Twitter bio, it's virtually impossible to get targeted followers, much less engage meaningfully with them. Now some may argue that writing an itty bit bio of a 160 characters is hardly rocket science and … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

I've found that one of the fastest ways of getting your name out there is to use Twitter. Without it, I think I'd still be struggling to find work and other freelancers who I've come to depend on for sharing work. I know some of you are still skeptics as to how social media can do anything for your business. I assure you the few minutes spent on Twitter throughout the day are well worth it. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Generate Referrals or Followers with Twitter

Twitter has been around now for about four years and is almost in the top ten Alexa ratings. Still a relatively new source for social networking, people are still not 100% sure of how to interact with others on Twitter or how to tweet in a way to generate a following or business leads. In this post, I have compiled a list of five ways for freelancers to use Twitter to gain followers and generate an interest … [Read more...]

Embracing Social Media as Freelance Job Search Tool

The challenges of freelancing don’t lie in the daily commute or finding the right outfit to wear to work. Instead we have to continually think of ways to market ourselves and drum up business. This isn’t always easy. Not only do we have to stay on top of our own game, but we have to consider all of the other freelancers who are vying for the same opportunities. The good news is that in 2010, there are plenty of … [Read more...]

5 Misuses of Social Media That Could Kill Your Freelance Business

Unless you've been living under a rock this year, you have witnessed the explosion of social media as a tool for marketing, networking and branding in new and exciting ways. What started out as a few different methods for communicating and sharing online with friends and family has spawned entirely new occupations, from social media marketers to brand management organizations to software applications for … [Read more...]

You May Be Addicted to Social Media If…

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other form of social media? Do you use it a little too much? There's no question that social media is an important part of today's Internet environment. If you freelance (or are thinking about freelancing), chances are that you're already involved in social media somehow. But social media has a dark side too -- it's very easy to spend too much time twitter, … [Read more...]

Calling All Freelancers On Twitter

Have you ever wondered how many freelancers in your specialty are on twitter? Well, Freelance Folder is going to help you find out. As most you already know, Twitter recently launched a new feature called Twitter Lists. Here at Freelance Folder, we've been hard at work compiling lists of freelancers on Twitter so that our readers can benefit by following freelancers in a particular field. We recently … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Freelancers Can’t Ignore Twitter

These days, it seems like Twitter is unstoppable. It's all over the web, talked about on TV, and lately I've even been receiving corporate brochures with company twitter accounts listed. Twitter is becoming a mainstream business and networking tool, and it can provide power and reach for your freelancing business that can't be ignored. I have personally been a Twitter user since 2007, and my active presence … [Read more...]

Exposed: Facebook Sends More Traffic Than Twitter

Are you a freelancer, blogger or business owner with a website? Do you want to get more traffic? This article will compare the traffic sent by Facebook VS the traffic sent by Twitter, and suggest some ideas that you may want to invest in -- like building up your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You may be surprised to know that Facebook sends more traffic (& comments) than Twitter, but here is the big … [Read more...]