Why You Can’t Afford to Be an Undercover Freelancer

I love detective movies. I really do. There's nothing more thrilling than when the detective goes undercover by blending in with the bad guys. You spend the rest of the movie holding your breathe to see whether the hero gets caught or catches the bad guys. Going undercover makes for great entertainment. Unfortunately, going undercover isn't so great if you're a freelancer. You see, as a freelancer, … [Read more...]

5 Unique Benefits That Freelancers Offer to Their Clients

Small businesses (and let's face it, most freelancers are small businesses) really have it tough when it comes to competing with agencies and other large businesses. For one thing, the larger companies tend to have a much larger marketing budget. Freelancers, on the other hand, tend to have a very small marketing budget--if they have one at all. Instead, they rely on networking and word of mouth. But, does … [Read more...]

The Holistic Freelancer

What makes you the freelancer you are? (Hint: it's NOT what you think it is.) While it may be tempting to look for a simple, single factor that always leads to freelancing success, the real truth is that all freelance success is due to the sum of many parts. There's no single path to freelancing success (and this can be frustrating). As I've said before, what works well for one freelancer may totally bomb … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Identify and Market the Uniqueness of Your Freelance Business

As a freelance web and graphic designer, I realize that I am one tiny fish in a huge sea full of countless others in the same field. I am also aware that, although I am relatively successful and skilled at my craft, I am definitely not the best. So how can I go about attracting clients when they have so many other choices? This post will look at the value of identifying unique traits and services your … [Read more...]