40 Plus Ways to Unwind and Relax

Freelancers are busy. We wear a lot of hats and most of the time we are also juggling more than one project. The problem is that this can lead to an awful lot of stress if we're not careful. And too much stress can be the enemy of productivity. The key to reducing stress is relaxation. That's why I've written this post that includes over forty things that freelancers can do to relax. Some of these will … [Read more...]

What Freelancers Really Do About Vacation

Whether you're new to freelancing or have been freelancing for a while, you may struggle with what to do about vacation. In a traditional job, an employee typically receives paid vacation. For a freelancer, however, vacation is different. Vacation is an unpaid time and a freelancer must plan ahead and save before they are able to take one. Many freelancers are afraid to take a vacation because they fear … [Read more...]

How to Take a Vacation Without the Internet

Even though we can work from anywhere and can dictate our own schedules, it's not often that we allow ourselves to take non-working holidays, especially ones where we'll be completely off the grid with no phone or internet access at all. I never thought about this issue until about eight months ago when I got engaged. In another month, we're going on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, and I have no idea if … [Read more...]

Taking Time Off Without Going on Vacation

Because you are self-employed and your office is located in your own humble abode, you’re already all too familiar with the tired misconceptions friends and family have about your career. The believe that you don’t have a real job, you are immune to deadlines, and you are free to help them out in any way necessary when called upon since everyone else is busy working. Without clear boundaries, the freelance … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer

Well, summer has officially arrived in North America. In our area, most kids are out of school. The neighborhood pools are open. And, it seems like everyone’s on vacation or mentally checked out. For many freelancers, summers can be tough. With so many clients on vacation, projects get put on hold. Tracking down prospects can be difficult. It also seems like no one wants to make a decision because “Pam is … [Read more...]

How to Plan for a Long Vacation from Your Freelancing Business

My last post was about taking a spur-of-the moment vacation where working was still a necessity. Most of the time, however, with a little proper planning you can actually take an extended break and enjoy a vacation without having to worry about the work back home. For example, my wife and I will soon be taking a six-week European vacation as a second honeymoon. My goal on this trip is to enjoy my time … [Read more...]

15 Tips to Keep Your Freelance Business Going While on Vacation

Vacations represent all that's good and bad about being a freelancer. On the one hand, you're free to go away whenever you like, without asking the permission of a reluctant boss or desperately trying to squeeze a short break into the few days left of your allowance. On the other hand, you're never completely free of your professional responsibilities, even when you're on the other side of the world. To avoid … [Read more...]

Freelancer Road Trip: Essential Supplies

One of my freelancing resolutions is the separation of work time and vacation time. I know this is one of my problem areas, but I do feel the need to work on a pretty constant basis in order to hit client deadlines. When the opportunity came up to head on a 15-hour road trip to the beach, I took it… with the caveat that I'd be working on the trip down and sporadically while at the beach. I loaded up my bag … [Read more...]