5 Real Reasons Why You Don’t Earn What You Deserve as a Freelancer

You've been reading the freelancing blogs and forums. Everyone else seems to be making a good living, but you're still really struggling. Yet, you know that you're good at what you do. What could be the problem? In this post, I'll examine five common reasons why freelancers don't earn what they deserve. You may find that one of these reasons fits your situation. … [Read more...]

20 Pricing Principles for Freelancers

"How much do you charge?" If you're a freelancer, you've been asked that question before. You may not have known what to say, or you may not have been comfortable with the price you quoted. That's because pricing our services is one of the toughest issues that freelancers face. No one seems to agree about pricing. There's a lot of opinions out there and many of them contradict each other. What's a … [Read more...]

17 Sure Signs That Your Freelancing Rates Really Are Too Low

One of the scariest things about freelancing is raising your rates. If freelancing is how you earn your living, you may believe that raising your rates will cause you to lose clients (and that can be scary). The truth is that having lower rates doesn't always mean having more clients, and when it does the clients that you are likely to attract are not the clients that you really want to keep. But, how do … [Read more...]

Charging More than the Other Guys

Every freelancer wants to make it to the big time with the awesome clients and the awesome pay. I've noticed that there seems to be an interesting division in the freelance world, regardless of what kind of freelancer you are. Our hourly pay (and if you charge by the project like me, you can still break it down to hourly) seems to be divided into three tiers: Cheap --$10-$40 an hour Affordable--$50-75 an … [Read more...]

How Should Freelance Writers Determine What Price to Charge?

One of the hardest things that any freelancer has to do is determine what to charge for his or her services. If you're a freelance writer (or if you hire freelance writers), then you may have a difficult time determining what the market price for writing is. Of course, your lowballing client would have you believe that nearly all writers work for practically nothing all--but, don't you believe them. A … [Read more...]