5 Misuses of Social Media That Could Kill Your Freelance Business

Unless you've been living under a rock this year, you have witnessed the explosion of social media as a tool for marketing, networking and branding in new and exciting ways. What started out as a few different methods for communicating and sharing online with friends and family has spawned entirely new occupations, from social media marketers to brand management organizations to software applications for … [Read more...]

How to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Did you know that people are talking about your freelance business? It's true. The evolving technologies and transformation of web as a social tool means that people everywhere are talking, and it is critical for you to listen to what they are saying about your business. The methods we'll show you for tracking your business on social media are pretty simple, but they can provide a lot of insight as to how … [Read more...]

Ten “Little” Things That Can Keep You from Getting Your Dream Gig

You know that you're qualified for this project. You excel at every single requirement that the prospective client has listed in their job posting. In fact, this is your dream project. You apply for the project and you fully expect that it's just a matter of time before you start work. After all, this gig was practically made for you. Sadly, days, and then weeks, pass without any word from the client. … [Read more...]

Why Your Worst Clients Should Still Get Your Best Service

Recently I have been involved in a few different discussions with other freelance designers in which I have noticed an unsettling trend: at some point in the conversation the topic turns to client horror stories. It usually starts out with some type of question about how the others would handle a particular situation that one is facing, but then it digresses to complaints about clients and the awful things they … [Read more...]

Three Sure-Fire Ways To Receive A Killer Referral From Your Clients

Many successful freelancers don't do any advertising at all - their services are so good that word-of-mouth referrals get them all the business they need. There's just something about a personal referral that carries more weight than any sales page or fancy flyer ever could. But you don't have to depend on your clients to do the work of spreading the word about your business - you can take matters into your … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Business Is Growing So Slowly

We'd all like to believe that getting a full docket of clients and customers is as easy as flipping on a light switch. But in real life it ain't that easy... or is it? If you want to quit limping along the slow path, here are 3 smart tips to short-cut your way to the big time. Reason #1: You're Fishing For Customers, Instead Of Going To The Fish Market. You could spend all your time looking for customers … [Read more...]

Keep Your Promotion Efforts In Top Gear – For Free

Are you noticing a sudden drop in the number of business inquiries you receive every day/week? As a freelancer your income depends in part on: Pitching your services in front of prospective clients Referrals Direct business inquiries from your website or print advertisements The referrals depend on the good relationships you have with your previous clients. Since you provide an exceptional … [Read more...]

How To Double Your Customer Base Without Spending A Penny

Silence may be golden, but it's no great help when it comes to building your business. You need to get the word out so that customers / clients come a-knocking each and every day. But saying "Hey, guys, I rock!" isn't always the most effective way to earn a stranger's trust (no matter how rocking you may be). Remember, that stranger has been burned before by promises that didn't pan out. But when a … [Read more...]

Using Established Brands To Promote One’s Own Brand: Leviathan?

Nick Stamoulis has been getting a lot of attention online lately. It's not all good and that's good. Nick is an Internet marketer. An effective one it seems. He uses pay-per-click ads to market his services and attract new clients. The problem is, he buys clicks for recognized brand names so that he'll appear on the SERPs (search engine results pages) of those companies. In other words, type in "Bruce Clay," … [Read more...]