There’s More to Freelancing Than Working from Home

There are two types of freelancers. On one hand are those who have been forced into self-employment as service providers, because they've lost their jobs and are having a hard time finding another one. On the other hand are those who would be freelancing no matter what: even if the job market were booming, and even if the Internet weren't around to give so many opportunities to work from home. They would … [Read more...]

Are You a Writer, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur?

One of the most challenging things about being a freelance writer is that there isn’t really a well-defined career path laid out for you. In a regular career, there are specific rungs on your ladder that are pretty well identified. For example, when I worked in IT, I started out answering phones for a help desk. After a few months and after earning some certifications, I moved up to desktop support. From … [Read more...]

Working From Home – 5 Tips To Avoid That Dreaded Loneliness

Recently Mary wrote a post on FSw about her loneliness as a freelance writer and how badly she missed human company. Although Mary ended the post on a positive note, talking about the benefits of working from home, this is a topic which probably concerns everyone out there who is working from home. Man is a social animal. Working from home, it's never easy to just stay glued to your computer for the entire … [Read more...]

Eight Violent Truths About Freelancing – Part 2

In part 1, I gave you four of the eight violent truths about freelancing. They weren't easy truths, either. They went like this: 1. Freelancing isn't for the lazy. 2. Freelancing is damn hard work. 3. Freelancers work for more jerks than anyone else. 4. Freelancing is a thankless profession. If you've made it here, it means you're serious about freelancing. It also means you probably already know … [Read more...]

Eight Violent Truths About Freelancing – Part 1

*note: this article has been translated into Spanish. Thanks Phillipe! Being a freelance writer is a lot like being a stay-at-home mom. People on the outside have this image of a leisured existence, while the reality of the situation is that freelance writers (and stay-at-home moms) are often busier than many "working" folks. God forbid you choose to be a stay-at-home mom who is also a freelance … [Read more...]

Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning Yet?

Ah, Spring! Thoughts turn to pleasant weather, flowers blooming and the invariable task of spring cleaning. For most of the domestic goddess’s I know, this means dusting off, wiping down, and giving a fresh coat of paint to anything remotely connected to our lives. As a graphic designer, this regiment includes my office. My office is where I live and breathe and it sometimes shows. Research material for the … [Read more...]

Jump-Starting Freelancing Productivity: 9 Reasons Why and 5 Reasons How Working Smarter Works

Do you go through long periods of poor work productivity? Here's a simple "time hack"... Have you considered spending less time per project, to force yourself to complete the work sooner and more efficiently? If you're in a salaried job and still contemplating freelancing, you may or may not have motivation to work harder. However, if you're a 100% freelancer, your monthly income relies directly on how much … [Read more...]

Let Your Creative Style Include How You Look – Dress For Success

Have you ever given thought to how your appearance plays into getting work as a freelancer? Maybe you should. Even though graphic designers, photographers and writers have fallen into a more casual style of dress, today’s business world demands a professional attitude as well as aptitude. If your idea of dressing for success includes a clean pair of holey jeans and a T-shirt spouting the latest rock band, … [Read more...]

The Most Critical Factor To Freelance Success: Taking Action

Launching a successful freelance business requires a certain degree of competence in your craft. It also requires goals, courage, determination, discipline and purpose. But over the years, I’ve come to realize that you need something else. Something more important. You need to continually take action. Even when you don’t yet have all the answers. And even when you don’t feel like it. The Mark of a Successful … [Read more...]

What To Do Before You Take Your Business On The Road

Isn't it fun to work from home? You have your main computer, access to the internet, phone and all that. All you need is right there in your home office, you don't have to worry about anything and you even take some things for granted. When you go to Starbucks it's not because you need to, it's because you want to, because you enjoy it. You won't lose a client if the local coffee shop doesn't have free … [Read more...]