Getting Rid of Bad Freelancing Habits

Having worked with a lot of freelancers throughout the years, let's just say that I have identified quite a few bad habits which will make me not recommend a certain service provider and, of course, not work with him or her in the future. This article is written from the perspective of a person who works with and hires a lot of freelancers. Taking advantage of my experiences and advice and getting rid of … [Read more...]

7 Essential Set Of Tools For Everyone Who Earns A Living Online

If you are a full time web-worker earning your living through the internet, I am sure you would agree that for every task you can think of, there are more tools on the internet then you can imagine. Sometimes it can become really difficult to chose the tools that will do the job right. Today we decided to list out seven such tools or rather sets of tools, which are essential for every web-worker no matter the … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth Of Opportunity

If I hear one more freelance writer whining about how she can't find freelance gigs, I'm going to scream. I'm like anyone else. There are times when I'm likely to sit around hoping for a new opportunity to knock me over the head. Fact of the matter is, though, I've come to the place in my life and career where I realize something: opportunities aren't discovered, they are created. I understand what it … [Read more...]

All Work and No Play? Really?

As a freelancer, web-worker or both, I'm sure that you have read quite a few articles or even books about productivity and time management. A lot of people read about all sorts of approaches and end up thinking that a productive person is a robot-like creature who works all day or, in other words, someone who does not know the meaning of the word 'fun'. It's quite obvious that they end up thinking that time … [Read more...]

Jump-Starting Freelancing Productivity: 9 Reasons Why and 5 Reasons How Working Smarter Works

Do you go through long periods of poor work productivity? Here's a simple "time hack"... Have you considered spending less time per project, to force yourself to complete the work sooner and more efficiently? If you're in a salaried job and still contemplating freelancing, you may or may not have motivation to work harder. However, if you're a 100% freelancer, your monthly income relies directly on how much … [Read more...]

How To Keep Mistakes From Ruining Your Freelance Career

“You made a mistake on that project!” Believe me, those are the very last words that any freelancer ever wants to hear. After all, mistakes mean rework and rework cuts into your profit (to say nothing of the effect on customer satisfaction). However, sooner or later, every freelancer does hear those words. How you respond to them could determine the future course of your freelancing career. I remember … [Read more...]

Earning A Living Online ? From Myth To Reality

Even nowadays, there are still more than a few folks who think that a regular job is the only way to go and that earning a living online is nothing more than a myth. Is that a way of thinking which will get you anywhere, is selling your time the only possibility? Of course not, and thinking that having a job is the only way to go is just plain foolish. Sure, more than a few people end up believing something … [Read more...]

Building A Perfect Website? Are You Too Perfectionist?

Most online entrepreneurs seem to think that each and every one of their projects needs to be perfect, that flaws are simply not acceptable and, of course, that they shouldn't even think of launching a certain project until it can't be considered the definition of perfection. Is that your case as well? Why on Earth would you think that something man-made can be perfect? Sorry to burst your bubble there, but … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Procrastination As A Freelancer

Freelancers have the luxury to work their own hours, with who they want and even work from Starbucks if they want, but a lot of things can lead to procrastination. If you overdo things the luxury soon turns into a curse. Get into the habit of procrastinating and you might as well consider yourself doomed. For those who have never experienced this: procrastination is a tendency to indulge in the unnecessary in … [Read more...]

What’s Your Take On Spec Work?

Whether you design logos, build websites, write copy or blog for a living doesn't really matter, at some point in your freelance career it is more than likely someone will ask you to do spec work. In other words: work for free. For those of you not familiar with the concept, picture this: You're a web designer and of course you are looking for work. You come across this company and they need someone to … [Read more...]